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Have the benefits of a full fledged IT department without the cost of one. Managed Clients enjoy the following benefits:

Tech Support

  • Call, email, txt, chat – we make it super easy to reach us
  • Manage computer and mobile devices
  • Regular hardware and software updates
  • Local Server management
  • Advice on all things technology from hardware, software and external vendors and in-depth research of custom solutions


  • network device monitoring and maintenance – printers, scanners, wireless hardware, phones, CC terminals, cameras, web meeting hardware
  • Wireless network setup and support
  • Multi-location unified networking
  • VPN remote access


  • Phone system setup and support
  • Conference room setup and web meeting support
  • Internal communications

Data and Security

  • review and maintenance
  • penetration testing
  • Compliance
  • Email filtering
  • Least privilege model
  • Data integrity –backups, monitoring, and restoration

Cost savings and planning –

  • Technology expense auditing
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Systems automation


  • Computer and other hardware purchasing
  • Training
  • PM, ERP, finance software integration
  • process and workflow development

Accounts management

  • Domain and email accounts management
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Vendor account management
  • Hardware and software Inventory management
  • Warranty management

Cloud services

  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Cloud integration
  • Data migration
  • Cloud server monitoring

Analytics –

  • Web traffic analytics
  • Client data analytics

Custom solutions and integrations

  • Process development and automation
  • spreadsheet help and scripting
  • document handling
  • Software deployment
  • Hardware deployment
  • Documentation
  • Paperless systems implementation
  • Web presence
  • E-commerce
  • Vendor management

Construction and new builds –

  • New office planning and setup
  • Wiring/cabling

Core Support

The Network


Data and Security

Accounts management

Cost savings and budgeting


Cloud services


Custom solutions and integrations

Construction and new builds

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